The California Lebanese Ladies Organization (“CLLO”) started over 20 years ago by Mrs. Susan Nahas. Its unique vision was to raise funds for the homes of the elderly in Lebanon. For many years, Mrs. Nahas served her mission on her own and was sending financial aids to several elderly homes in Lebanon. A few years later she was joined by Mrs. Amira Matar and the CCLO started operating as a subdivision of another non-profit entity. In February 2016, the CLLO was independently registered as a California nonpartisans organization, formed under the US IRS Tax Code 501 © (3) nonprofit organization. The CLLO continues to be operated by volunteers without incurring any administration expenses.

The sole mission of the CLLO is to raise financial aids for the homes that house elderly who have no families or means of support. These centers, located all over Lebanon are committed to providing the elderly shelters and relief from pain, fear, and hunger. These facilities are partially funded by government, religious or social organizations that cover some but not all living expenses such as food, clothing, health care and doctor’s surveillance. There is still a colossal need to fill the gap between the donations and the actual cost of the living expenses of the elderly.

The CLLO will be hosting fund raising events and will donate all the money raised during the year. The checks are written directly payable to the centers evidenced by receipts. The CLLO does not adopt one center but rather distributes the funds to several homes each year. Although The CLLO is far from providing a dignified living standard to the elderly, but the hope is to brighten their days and put a smile on their face.

The donors share the same passion, and this organization is grateful to any donation received to help the elderly. Thank you for your kindhearted generosity. If you share the same passion and would like to assist the elderly, please donate at

Mrs. Susan Nahas – President/Founder

Amira Matar – Executive Director