Our Mission

The California Lebanese Ladies Organization (“CLLO”) started over 20 years ago by Mrs. Susan Nahas. Its unique vision was to raise funds for the homes of the elderly in Lebanon. For many years, Mrs. Nahas served her mission on her own and was sending financial aids to several elderly homes in Lebanon. A few years later she was joined by Mrs. Amira Matar and the CCLO started operating as a subdivision of another non-profit entity. In February 2016, the CLLO was independently registered as a California nonpartisans organization, formed under the US IRS Tax Code 501 © (3) nonprofit organization. The CLLO continues to be operated by volunteers without incurring any administration expenses.

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Run By Volunteers

The California Lebanese Ladies Organization is run by volunteers, with no administration expenses, we deliver the cash in person to the senior centers.

Bringing Smiles Into Their Faces

Funds raised help to provide for the elderly and make their lives as comfortable as possible.  Their smiles let us know we are successful in bringing them comfort and joy. List of elderly homes together with your help have funded.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” – Kahlil Gibran

Our 2018 Mother’s Day Gala

Our event was to honor our Mother’s Day of the Year award to Badiha Alwan.

Thank you for all our supporters who attended and donated to CALIFORNIA LEBANESE LADIES ORGANIZATION

The Mission of this organization is to assist the Elderly Home Centers throughout Lebanon without prejudice.

The Elderly Home Centers

Your Donations and Our Volunteer Efforts  Have Gone To

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· Bonheur Du Ciel, Sed El Baouchriyeh, Beirut

· Saint Rafka, Jrabta Batroun

· Saint George Foyer Pour Les Vieillards, Ashrafieh

· Ain Wazein Hospital

· The Asile Maronite des Vieillards- Borj Hammoud

· Dar El Saade, Beirut

· Cahle for Armenian Elderly Handicapped – Borj Hammoud

· La Chaine des Amis Soeur de Charite, El Sindianat

· Shlifa Care Center, Bekaa

· Sami Makdasi Surjan Orthodox, Bekfiah

· St. Therese Congregation, Furn Elchebak

· Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese for the Elderly, Zahle

· Foyer des Vieillards Notre Dame Des Douleurs, Ghodras Kesrouan

· Dar El Salam, Charhabil, Saida

· Centre Medico-Social de Bienfaisance, Jemeyzeh Beirut

· Autumn Hills, Health Care Center, Glendale CA

· Maison Bainete, Ksara

· Les Restaurants du Ceur, Achrafieh

· Dar El Ajaza, Beirut Lebanon

· Mansoorieh, Ain ElMarsassa

· Helmouna Elderly Hospital, Chouf

· Committee of Restaurant of Charity, Zahle

· Franciscaines De La Croix Du Liban, Jal Eldib

· Deir Anaya Ain Ebel Hospital Centre de Jean Paul I l

· Missionaries of Charity Home of Peace, Sid-E Bouchrieh

· Milad Mowad Elderly Care Center, Zgharta

Thank You To All Our Supporters

The members of this organization are greatly influenced by the love and compassion for the elderly whereby a numerous number of them are left without the love of family, medical assistance, social security and often without a roof. There is an enormous need for our mission and although we are not able to provide them with a full dignified life but with your help we may bring a smile into their wrinkled face.